Bonus Video Poker £0.25

Super Jackpot: £0.25

The Bonus Video Poker offering from William Hill Casino can be played 3, 5, 10, 50 or 100 hands at a time, while bets range from £0.03 to £2 500 per game round.

Bonus Video Poker is a type of draw poker, meaning that players receive five cards from the dealer, rather than playing with community cards.

There are a number of different Bonus Video Poker games at William Hill’s online casino, and two options for the Super Jackpot game.

Some of the games offer a progressive jackpot and some make use of one or more wild cards, but all of William Hill’s Bonus Video Poker games have a bonus card feature unique to William Hill Casino.

Progressive Jackpot Games

Bonus Video Poker uses two coin denominations for its Super Jackpot variant: £0.25 and £1.

Players must bet 5 coins to be eligible for the progressive jackpot.

Bet limits: £0.01 per coin minimum / £5 per coin maximum

Game Play

Once you have decided which Bonus Video Poker game you wish to play, your first step will be to select the number of hands you will be playing and the coin value you will be using.

You will then choose to play between 1 and 5 coins and hit the “Deal” button.

Use the “Hold” button to choose which cards to keep in your hand (you don’t have to keep any if you don’t want to). Once you are happy with your selection, hit “Draw” to receive the rest of your hand.

Bonus Card Rules

This unique payout feature of Bonus Video Poker reshuffles discarded cards into the decks before drawing more cards. Each of these returned cards pays a bonus amount based on the size of your original bet.

Double Up Game

If you receive a payout in any game round, you can hit the “Double Up” button to do just that. All you have to do is pick a card with a higher value than the one displayed. You can carry on, as many times as you like, doubling up each time. If you lose at any time, you will not receive any payout for that round.

Super Jackpot Payout List



Jacks Or Better

1 to 1

Two Pairs

2 to 1

Three Of A Kind

3 to 1


4 to 1


5 to 1

Full House

8 to 1

Four Of A Kind

25 to 1

Straight Flush

50 to 1

Royal Flush

250 to 1 (bets between 1 and 4 coins. Players betting 5 coins do not receive 250 to 1 payoff, but win Progressive Jackpot, starting at a minimum of 1 250 coins)