Fantasy Realm

Movie Mayhem Jackpot Slots

Fantasy Realm is one of four progressive jackpot slots games in the brand new Movie Mayhem series, which debuted in April 2008.

The latest addition to William Hill’s selection of online progressive jackpot slots games is based on classical film genres ranging from the roaring twenties to the depths of Outer Space.

Let Fantasy Realm cast a spell to transport you into a land of majestic Centaurs, radiant Elf Queens and fire breathing dragons, were a pot of gold might even be waiting at the end of the rainbow, in the form of multiple progressive jackpots.

William Hill Casino offers a colourful and vibrant audiovisual environment for playing online slots, boasting advanced graphics and sound effects. This is thanks in large part to software developer CryptoLogic, the name behind phenomenal gaming suites such as the Marvel Comics slots series and now the Movie Mayhem series.

The betting limit for Movie Mayhem jackpot slots is set at £20 per line maximum.

Progressive Jackpots

Every single Movie Mayhem online slot game offers a breathtaking FOUR progressive jackpots, while they all also offer a generous Free Games feature.

Like all of William Hill’s progressive jackpots, the four Movie Mayhem progressive jackpots grow constantly as you and other online gamers place bets. They are also completely random, with no matching symbol required – who knows, it could be your turn to be a star!

Fantasy Realm Slots

Fantasy Realm

Play between 1 and 25 lines at various betting levels to see what you can win in the Fantasy Realm slots game. Prizes are awarded according to the Fantasy Realm slots game Paytable (see below):

Fantasy Realm

Paytable wins are multiplied by your bet per line, while scatter wins are multiplied by your total bet, meaning that if you bet high, you stand the chance to win much, much more.

Fantasy Realm Slots Free Games Feature

The Fantasy Realm Free Games Feature will improve your chances of winning one of the four progressive jackpots on offer, by giving you 25 Free Games if the Elf Queen appears anywhere on both Reels 1 and 5.

Free Games are played at the lines and bet of the triggering game, but all prizes during the feature are doubled and the feature can also be re-triggered.

Movie Mayhem Jackpot

All Movie Mayhem Jackpots are awarded randomly, with the size of your bet directly influencing your chances of winning a Jackpot.

If you are awarded a Movie Mayhem Jackpot, you will be allowed to choose up to 6 items from the movie house snack bar. The number of movie tickets you uncover will determine which jackpot level you are awarded.

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Movie Mayhem Jackpots cannot be won during Free Games.