Rags to Riches 20-Line Slots

The Rags to Riches 20-line slots machine is one of a host of progressive jackpot slot machines offered at William Hill Casino, giving you the opportunity to bag the jackpot of a lifetime!

The top payouts of progressive slots games are never fixed, as they are in regular slot machines, and continue to climb each time somebody places a bet.

In the case of the Rags to Riches 20-line slots game, as with all of William Hill’s progressive jackpot online slot machines, the jackpot is also shared. This means that the jackpot grows each time anyone places a bet at any participating online casino.

What this all means is that William Hill’s progressive jackpot games, including the Rags to Riches 20-line slots machine, pay out often and increase in size very rapidly.

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How to Play

The progressive jackpot Rags to Riches 20-line slots machine uses a number of symbols, with the Priestess substituting for all symbols except the Pyramid.

Following a spin, certain combinations of symbols will earn you payouts, in accordance with the Paytable (see below):

Rags to Riches

When playing Rags to Riches 20-line slots at William Hill Casino, remember that win combinations pay from left to right only and that the maximum bet per line is £5.

In the Rags to Riches 20-line slots game, the Rags to Riches Scattered Symbol will only appear on Reels 1, 3 and 5.

The appearance of 2 Rags to Riches Symbols pays the matching total bet.

Bonus Game Feature

If you manage to spin 3 Rags to Riches Symbols you will trigger the Rags to Riches 20-line slots game Bonus Game Feature, comprising 3 rounds, each offering you 6 choices.

If you make 2 mistakes in a round you will receive a consolation prize instead of your winnings, while passing all 3 levels without making an error will instigate the Jackpot Game.

Jackpot Game Feature

In the Rags to Riches 20-line slots Jackpot Game Feature you will be faced with 16 boxes on a treasure map, and you have just one chance to find the treasure by selecting one of these boxes. A correct choice will win you the jackpot, while an incorrect choice will earn a consolation prize.

Rags to Riches

Don’t forget that there is also a 3-reel classic version of progressive jackpot Rags to Riches offered at William Hill Casino.