Salsa! The name says it all…

Add some Mexican flavour to your online gaming experience with this spicy Rapid Fire slots game at William Hill Casino.


Rapid Fire Slots

The Salsa Rapid Fire slots game at William Hill Casino represents another fantastic opportunity to benefit from one of William Hill’s many different progressive jackpots.

The various 9-line slot machines at William Hill operate like video slot machines in real-life casinos, with a combination of symbols on a number of spinning reels coming to rest randomly to determine payouts.

One big difference, though, is that at William Hill Casino you can raise or lower your coin value up to £5 without having to switch machines.

After selecting your coin denomination, you must choose two options in order to determine the type of bet you will be making and how much you wish to wager.

Firstly, choose how many lines you want to bet on – this can be anywhere between 1 and 9.

The number of coins you decide to bet on each line will be multiplied by the number of paylines chosen and shown in the TOTAL BET display on your screen.

Once the reels stand still, your payout will be determined by the Salsa Paytable:


The Autoplay feature allows you to spin up to 99 times automatically; the game stops when the Autoplay reaches the preset limit of spins or if a bonus round is reached. To exit the Autoplay click the STOP button at any time.

Progressive Jackpots

Any of William Hill’s Rapid Fire slots gives you the chance to win a progressive jackpot on any spin, whatever the combination shown. This means that you can even win the jackpot on a losing spin of the reels.

All of William Hill Casino’s Rapid Fire slot machines feed into the same jackpot, growing the prize far more quickly and allowing it to be won more often.

There is a lengthy list of people who have struck big at the William Hill Casino: to see just how much you may stand to win, Click Here.

Salsa Individual Game Features

If you spin 3 or more Green Beans you will be awarded 3 Bonus Rounds. During these Bonus Rounds you must match 3 identical symbols to win the corresponding prize for that symbol.

Salsa Bonus Round wins are added to payline and scatter wins.