Shoot-O-Rama is a very popular online progressive jackpot slots game, particularly at world-renowned online gaming house William Hill.

Shoot-O-Rama incorporates a graphics skin that will transport you into a virtual fairground attraction. The only difference from the real thing? With William Hill’s Shoot-O-Rama, your chances of winning numerous cash prizes are increased dramatically!


Along with other slot machines offered at William Hill Casino, Shoot-O-Rama gives you the opportunity to hit the jackpot of a lifetime!

The top payouts of progressive slots games are never fixed, as they are in regular slot machines, and continue to climb each time somebody places a bet.

Shoot-O-Rama – which was designed by software developer CryptoLogic – offers a shared jackpot, just like William Hill’s other progressive jackpot online slot machines. This means that the jackpot grows each time anyone places a bet at any participating online casino.

What this all means is that William Hill’s progressive jackpot games, including Shoot-O-Rama, pay out often and increase in size very rapidly.

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How to Play

The Shoot-O-Rama progressive jackpot online slots machine incorporates 5 spinning reels, each with 5 paylines. Following a spin, certain combinations of symbols will earn you payouts, in accordance with the Shoot-O-Rama paytable (see below):


Remember that combinations in any position on an active payline will qualify for a win.

The coin value used in the game is 25p, and a maximum bet of 5 coins per line is allowed.

If you manage to spin 5 Dart symbols in a row, you will win William Hill’s Shoot-O-Rama progressive jackpot.

Shoot-O-Rama Bonus Game Feature


If you manage to spin 5 popcorn symbols along any payline, you will enter a Bonus Game Feature. In this you will have to pick one of 6 balloons to burst with a dart, which will then reveal your prize in terms of bonus coins.