Silver Surfer

Marvel Comics Jackpot Slots

The Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd) first appeared in Marvel Comics as the herald of doom for the awe-inspiring cosmic entity Galactus – becoming Silver Surfer in return for Galactus sparing his home planet.

When the Silver Surfer arrived on Earth, the Fantastic Four helped him to regain his noble spirit and save Earth, but Galactus exiled him to our planet.

Now, in Marvel Comics’ 9-line Silver Surfer progressive jackpot slots game from William Hill Casino, Silver Surfer is the herald of future wealth, giving you the chance to take advantage of William Hill’s progressive jackpots to boost your bank balance!

The betting limit for Marvel Comics jackpot slots is set at £5 per line maximum.

Progressive Jackpots

Every single Marvel Comics online slot game offers a breathtaking THREE progressive jackpots, while most of the games will also test you to the limit in tricky Bonus Round features.

The Hero Jackpot starts at £50, the Super Hero Jackpot starts at £500 and the Marvel Hero Jackpot has a staggering minimum level of £5 000!

Like all of William Hill’s progressive jackpots, Marvel’s three progressive jackpots grow constantly as you and other online gamers place bets. They are also completely random, with no matching symbol required.

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Silver Surfer Slots

Silversurfer Slots

The Silver Surfer progressive jackpot slots game at William Hill Casino soars through the cosmos to offer you out-of-this-world prizes!

Silver Surfer can travel faster tan the speed of light, and he can help you to increase your winnings almost as quickly.

Play between 1 and 9 lines – with a maximum bet of £5 per line – to maximise your winnings on William Hill’s progressive jackpot slots.

Prizes are awarded according to the Silver Surfer slots game Paytable (see below):

Silversurfer Stats

Paytable wins are multiplied by your bet per line, while scatter wins are multiplied by your total bet, meaning that if you bet high, you stand the chance to win much more.

Silver Surfer Free Spins Feature

You will enter the Silver Surfer Free Spins feature if Silver Surfer appears on both Reels 2 and 4, but only if Galactus is not present on Reel 3.

Your free spins will last until Galactus does appear on Reel 3, and while they continue, all positions on Reels 2 and 4 substitute for all symbols except the Scattered Logo.