Marvel Comics Jackpot Slots

Spider-Man can help you to spin the worldwide web into a moneymaking machine, thanks to Marvel Comics’ 25-line Spider-Man progressive jackpot slots game from William Hill Casino.

The betting limit for Marvel Comics jackpot slots is set at £5 per line maximum.

Progressive Jackpots

Every single Marvel Comics online slot game offers a breathtaking THREE progressive jackpots, while most of the games will also test you to the limit in tricky Bonus Round features.

The Hero Jackpot starts at £50, the Super Hero Jackpot starts at £500 and the Marvel Hero Jackpot has a staggering minimum level of £5 000!

Like all of William Hill’s progressive jackpots, Marvel’s three progressive jackpots grow constantly as you and other online gamers place bets. They are also completely random, with no matching symbol required.

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Spider-Man Slots

The Spider-Man progressive jackpot slots game at William Hill Casino offers you multiple chances to net a fantastic payout!

The skyline of this graphically ambitious casino slots game – designed by CryptoLogic – changes from dusk, to night, to day with virtually every spin of the reels, as Spider-Man swings through the skyscrapers of his usual New York City backdrop to come to the aid of your bank balance!

Play between 1 and 25 lines – with a maximum bet of £5 per line – to maximise your winnings on William Hill’s progressive jackpot slots.

Prizes are awarded according to the Spider-Man slots game Paytable (see below):

Spiderman Slots

Paytable wins are multiplied by your bet per line, while scatter wins are multiplied by your total bet, meaning that if you bet high, you stand the chance to win much more.

Spider-Man Bonus Features

Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man slots game at William Hill Casino includes a Spiderweb feature, which is triggered when Spider-Man appears on both Reels 2 and 4; Spider-Man will drop down from the top of the screen and all positions on Reel 3 become substitutes, increasing your chances of higher winnings on the next spin.

On top of this, the Spider-Man slots game also offers two other heart-stopping Bonus Features:

Venom Feature

Spiderman Stats

In the Venom Feature you must guide Spider-Man through the city streets to find and defeat Venom and save Mary Jane. Some streets will lead to crime scenes or dead ends.

At crime scenes, Spider-Man will apprehend a criminal or save a citizen to receive a random prize, while dead ends will see you collect a consolation prize and the Venom Feature will end.

If you find Venom, Spider-Man must defeat him to save Mary Jane and claim your prize. If Spider-Man loses, you receive a consolation prize and the Feature ends.

All prizes are multiplied by the triggering bet.

Free Games Feature

When the Bonus Features are triggered, you can opt for Free Games instead of the Venom Feature. This will allow you 15 extra spins where all prizes are doubled.

Spider-Man features cannot be re-triggered during the Free Games Feature.