Marvel Comics Jackpot Slots

Marvel Comics’ 9-line X-Men progressive jackpot slots game from William Hill Casino includes appearances by a host of both good and evil characters from this legendary comic.

These include Cyclops, Dr. Jean Grey, Gambit, Professor Xavier, Magneto, Mystique, Sabretooth, Nightcrawler, Storm, Rogue and Wolverine.

The betting limit for Marvel Comics jackpot slots is set at £5 per line maximum.

Progressive Jackpots

Every single Marvel Comics online slot game offers a breathtaking THREE progressive jackpots, while most of the games will also test you to the limit in tricky Bonus Round features.

The Hero Jackpot starts at £50, the Super Hero Jackpot starts at £500 and the Marvel Hero Jackpot has a staggering minimum level of £5 000!

Like all of William Hill’s progressive jackpots, Marvel’s three progressive jackpots grow constantly as you and other online gamers place bets. They are also completely random, with no matching symbol required.

X-Men Slots

X-men Slots

The symbols in the X-Men progressive jackpots slots game all represent characters from the original Marvel Comics, except the Scattered Logo – for the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning.

The X-Men progressive jackpot slots game at William Hill Casino will have this band of superheroes fighting at your side to secure a multitude of exciting prizes!

Play between 1 and 25 lines of the X-Men slots game – with a maximum bet of £5 per line – to maximise your winnings on William Hill’s progressive jackpot slots.

Prizes are awarded according to the X-Men slots game Paytable (see below):

X-Men Stats

Paytable wins are multiplied by your bet per line, while scatter wins are multiplied by your total bet, meaning that if you bet high, you stand the chance to win much more.

X-Men Bonus Feature

The X-Men Bonus Feature is triggered if you spin 3 or more Scattered X-Men Logos.

In this Bonus Feature, Professor Xavier locates four danger areas on a map, and you must choose which X-Men to send to each site.

Once the X-Men arrive at their destinations their opponents will be revealed and the X-Men must use all their abilities to defeat the villains.

Prizes will be awarded if the X-Men are victorious, but make sure you keep an eye on the Life Meter – both to keep up with the progress of the fight and because prizes are awarded for the amount of Life Meter left at the end of the fight.

A consolation prize equal to your triggering bet will be awarded if you lose the fight.

All prizes are multiplied b the triggering bet and wins from this feature are added to payline and scatter wins.