Progressive Jackpot Games

William Hill offers an incredible array of progressive jackpot games at, including a variety of online slot machines and video card game machines such as Progressive Blackjack and Video Poker.

A progressive jackpot game is one in which the jackpot’s value increases alongside the number of games played. They are particularly common online, where users across the world are connected to make a single, large and rapidly growing progressive jackpot.

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In general, only the highest combination for the game (for example, five of the most valuable sot machine symbols or a royal flush in a poker game) can win the jackpot, which then resets to whatever the game’s minimum level is.

Progressive Jackpot Game

The jackpot total is shown on a rolling meter, or “ticker”, usually in monetary value (see above, top left of the screen). The amount it progresses for each turn of the game is decided by the online casino.

William Hill’s slot machines include a host of games based on Marvel Comics characters, as well as Rapid Fire Slots and many other games.

As well as slot machines and video card game machines, William Hill offers a number of other options for those looking to play a progressive jackpot game. One such option is Video Keno.

William Hill Progressive Jackpots: