Caribbean Stud Poker

Game Play

In Caribbean Stud Poker, players compete against the dealer, rather than other players at the table.

Online Caribbean Stud Poker at William Hill Casino offers players the chance to win big, thanks to its progressive jackpot format.

To begin, the player must put in an ante, or minimum bet, before receiving a hand of five cards. Your ante is shown in the Ante Field on the game table. Clicking on a particular denomination of chip will add that amount to your wager.

There is also a “Clear Bet” button that clears your ante from the table.

After placing your ante, click on the “Deal” button to receive your five cards. At the same time, the dealer will also get five cards – four of them dealt face down and one face up.

At this point, you must decide whether to place a bet or surrender. This will depend on the strength of your hand; if you surrender, it signals the end of that hand, and you will lose your ante to the dealer.

The minimum bet in William Hill’s Caribbean Stud Poker is equal to double the value of the initial ante, meaning that in effect you will be betting three times the ante to see the dealer’s cards.

The dealer can only qualify to play the hand if he has an Ace-King combination or higher. If this fails to happen you receive your bet back as well as a 1 to 1 payoff on the initial ante.

If the dealer qualifies to play, then his hand must be compared to yours to see who has the better combination of cards. If the dealer has the better cards, you will forfeit your ante and any bet you placed, while if the hands are equal no money moves either way.

A winning hand will earn you a 1 to 1 payoff on your ante as well as a payoff on your bet that increases with the value of your hand.

Payout List

  • One Pair – 1 to 1
  • Two Pair – 2 to 1
  • Three Of A Kind – 3 to 1
  • Straight – 4 to 1
  • Flush – 5 to 1
  • Full House – 7 to 1
  • Four Of A Kind – 20 to 1
  • Straight Flush – 50 to 1
  • Royal Flush – 200 to 1